Göstases in Strömstad, Sweden

In the daytime they serve good food and at night they have live music.


Göstases, Strömstad, Sweden
Göstases, Strömstad, Sweden

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Ice age in Høysand

A wonderful and cold day in Høysand.


Høysand, Norway
Høysand, Norway

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A winterday at the ocean

Walking at the coast and climbing up some rocks, the view there is great!

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Searching for Trolls in the Forest with the visitors from Germany…

Forest near Ise, Norway
Forest near Ise, Norway

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Searching Trolls in the Forest nearby Ise, Norway

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Vikingshipmuseum Oslo

The Ships in the Vikingskipshuset in Oslo where found in Graves and are still in a very good shape

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Next to the Frammuseum in Oslo, Bygdøy



Tour at the Haldenkanal in October.

Haldenkanal, Norway
Haldenkanal, Norway

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Fall in Drøbak

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Tordenskjolbukta, Norway

Our last Boattrip for this Year…

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